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Why Hire Attorney Jill Stahlman?

Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer

I am Attorney Stahlman, and I maintain a good relationship with prosecutors, judges, probation officers, clerks, and other players in the criminal and juvenile justice system. Whenever possible, I try to secure a dismissal of the charges, whether by persuading the prosecutor to drop the charges or filling a motion to suppress the evidence so that the judge ends up throwing the case out. If the case has to go to trial, I fight for a verdict of "not guilty" for a full exoneration of my client. When this is not an option, I seek to negotiate a plea bargain for my client that does not include jail time and which has a minimum of impact on my client's future. My well established relationships with those in the Cobb County criminal justice system are an integral part in achieving the best results possible for my clients. I am dedicated to providing you with an aggressive defense, and to zealously protect your rights against the actions of the government.

If you should find yourself facing the unfortunate circumstances of a criminal prosecution, then I will provide you with personal attention and keep you in the loop throughout the pendency of your case. I have successfully handled hundreds of criminal cases in the past, I have been serving the residents of northwestern Georgia and the surrounding areas for many years, and I can put this experience to work for you. Your situation is important to me; let me put my 22 years of experience to work for you!

Marietta Criminal Defense Attorney Handles All Case Types

When you hire me and my firm, you will work one-on-one with an attorney who will not stop fighting to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. My practice is dedicated to representing people who have been charged with offenses as minor as speeding tickets to offenses as serious as murder. Facing criminal charges can be an extremely difficult situation; you may be suffering from various emotional hardships such as fear, anxiety, and uncertainty regarding the future among others. I understand the severity of your case, I have helped various clients through similar processes in the past, and you can count on me for the personal one-on-one legal assistance that you need.

I will provide you with an aggressive defense if you choose to work with me. I understand that different cases require different approaches; for example, if you are charged with a drug offense, it is crucial to thoroughly review all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest. There are motions that can be filed which will challenge the legality of a search and seizure performed by the police. An aggressive attack made shortly after an arrest can lead to charges being reduced or even dismissed prior to trial.

In other situations, you may be better served by skilled negotiations with the government's prosecutors and judges. I utilize my good working relationships with prosecutors, judges, probation officers, clerks, and other players in the criminal and juvenile justice system when representing my clients. Contact my office today to discuss your case and to begin pursuing the results that you need for your future.

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