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Heroin: Criminal Defense Lawyer in Marietta

Heroin charges have serious penalties

Possessing heroin, as with other illegal drugs, carries very stiff penalties. You have to only seem to be connected to the drug for law enforcement to arrest you. I am Marietta criminal defense Attorney Stahlman, and my firm, Stahlman Law P.C., has been defending individuals against drug offense charges for over 20 years. I am very experienced in trial and appellate courts, and I work hard for every client to protect their rights and seek justice. Just because you've been arrested does not mean you are guilty.

You could be charged with possessing heroin in different circumstances. One would be where the drug is found on your person, such as in your pocket. Another circumstance could be that the drug was found in your gym locker, and you knew it was there and intended to use it later. If you and one or more people are found sitting in a living room surrounding a table with heroin on it, and it's determined that you all had the ability to use the drug at any time, you could be charged with possession.

There are minimum mandatory sentences connected with possessing, selling or delivering heroin:

  • 4 grams to less than 14 grams-5 years
  • 14 grams to less than 28 grams-at least 10 years
  • 28 grams or more-at least 25 years

Defending Heroin Charges in Marietta

There are defenses for someone charged with a heroin crime. For example, if you help law enforcement identify and arrest another or others in connection with the drug crime, you may be eligible for a reduced charge or even have the charge suspended. You could also have penalties reduced if it's agreed by the court that you were not a significant organizer of the crime. Other penalty-reducing factors include not having a weapon, no person was injured, and you have no prior felony convictions.

I would also pursue avenues concerned with whether a search and seizure operation was carried out legally, whether the heroin found was actually yours, and other strategies. Without experienced and skilled representation, you are much more likely to receive the harsher penalties for a crime involving heroin. 

Don't let this happen. Learn more by contacting me. Your future is at stake.

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