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Pretrial Diversion Programs

Pretrial Diversion Programs in Marietta

Criminal Defense Attorney in Marietta: Fighting for Pretrial Diversion

Are you a candidate for a diversion program instead of jail? In our state, if you have been arrested as a first-time offender for a crime, you might qualify. These are programs designed to rehabilitate rather than just punish offenders, helping the defendant as well as easing the burden on the court systems. I am Attorney Stahlman, a criminal defense attorney with Stahlman Law P.C. in Marietta. I have been helping people accused of crimes for over 20 years. I know that not every person who commits a crime is a hardened, life-long criminal. I also know that without proper representation, making your way through the justice system is very chancy. When you enlist my services, you will find a very strong advocate for your rights and freedom.

Are you eligible for a pre-trial diversion program?

To be considered for a pre-trial diversion program, you must be recommended by the prosecuting attorney. In Cobb County, you must also be represented by a criminal defense attorney. These programs defer prosecution of first-time offenders who are considered unlikely to commit another crime. Those eligible are usually arrested for non-violent crimes, such as shop lifting, traffic violations, minor in possession of alcohol, and possession of marijuana. Those allowed to participate must complete the program requirements within a certain time schedule. If that occurs, the charges will be dismissed and the record will not show a conviction.

Marietta Criminal Defense Lawyer Here to Guide You

The diversion programs basically consist of paying a fine, some community service, participation in an approved personal development seminar, a drug or alcohol awareness program, and probation. They could be both online and administered by the court or an organization.

Eligibility includes:

  • Your attorney filing a petition and paying a fee.
  • Having no previous arrests
  • Having no convictions for drug or alcohol offenses
  • No participation in an earlier diversion program
  • No instance of refusing chemical testing
  • No arrests while in the diversion program

There can be several other factors involved to determine if you qualify for a diversion program. I can discuss the facts of your arrest when you contact my firm, advising you of your best options for your situation. Whether you are the parent of a minor in trouble or an adult who has been arrested for the first time, I can help you.

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