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Bond Hearings

Marietta Bond Hearing Attorney

Quality Legal Assistance: Keeping You Out of Jail

When you are arrested, you will probably be handcuffed and taken to jail. The next action is a bond hearing, or a first appearance hearing within 72 hours.

At your hearing a judge will:

  • Verifies your identity
  • Informs you of the charges against you
  • Advises you of your rights
  • Sets or denies bail (some non-violent crimes or crimes of a less serious nature may have pre-set bail amounts, in which case, it's not necessary to go before a judge to have bail set.)

Without experienced legal help guiding you through the justice process, you could find yourself waiting in jail until your trial because bail was set to an amount you can't afford. With my help, I can increase your chances of maneuvering through the system with a more favorable outcome. At my firm, Stahlman Law P.C. in Marietta, I have over 20 years' experience with criminal defense. I also have long-term familiarity with many judges and prosecutors, giving me an advantage because I understand how they view and prepare their cases.

Our Bond Hearing Lawyer in Marietta Can Fight for Lower Bail

There is no requirement for a defense attorney to be present at a bond hearing, but it's is advisable to do so. A skilled attorney will attempt to convince the judge that you should be released on your own recognizance (ROR), where you do not have to pay any bail because you can be trusted to return to court for your trial at a later date. If the judge will not agree, your attorney would next argue in favor of a lesser bail amount. Your attorney can help you prepare for a bond hearing in advance, including having witnesses testify on your behalf, showing evidence of your ties with the community, your work history, and your character through the good deeds you have done.

Consult With Our Defense Lawyer in Marietta

In our justice system, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. If you are required to sit in jail until your trial because you cannot make bail, it can feel as though you have been found guilty already. With my help, your chances of a favorable bond hearing are greatly enhanced, and you can start addressing your legal charges while still experiencing the freedom you are entitled to. Don't try to go up against the court on your own or with inexperienced legal assistance.

I'm here to protect your rights and obtain fair justice for you. Contact me right away!

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