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Asset Seizure

Asset Seizure Attorney in Marietta

Are your assets at risk of seizure by the authorities?

Has your property been seized by the state or federal authorities in connection with a drug crime? You can be arrested for a drug or other crime, and if the authorities believe property you own, such as your home, was purchased with illegally obtained money or facilitated the crime, they can seize that property. There is a wide gap in fairness with regard to asset forfeiture, and you would benefit by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Marietta. At Stahlman Law P.C., I personally work on every case I take on, supported by an outstanding legal team. My knowledge and ability stems from over 20 years of successfully defending individuals for crimes.

The law on asset seizure is broad. The courts do not have to have much evidence that your property was involved in a crime in order to seize it. You could even be acquitted of the crime, or charges dropped and still lose your property. The original idea was that forfeiture of property would be a deterrent to crime. Property seized by law enforcement agencies has become a lucrative source of revenue. Unfortunately, you could be innocent, lose your property, and have little or no recourse. Further, if you want to go to court to get your property back, you will have to incur the expense of doing so.

Civil forfeiture or condemnation is when property is taken in alleged association with a crime, but prosecutors do not need to prove the defendant guilty or even file charges before seizing the property. In criminal forfeiture, the person must first be convicted or have agreed on a settlement before property can lawfully be seized to sell it off.

Marietta Lawyer for Defense Against Asset Seizure

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime and your property is also at stake, you need skilled legal help. Even if you avoid a conviction, you will still need help pursuing the return of your property. With my skills and experience, I aggressively pursue the best possible outcome possible for you and the preservation of your rights and your property. 

As soon as you contact my firm, we can start the process of securing your freedom.

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