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Marietta Murder Defense Lawyer

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Marietta, Georgia

Homicide is one of the most serious crimes you can face in Georgia and across the nation. Because of the violent nature of this crime against another human being, the penalties are extremely harsh. No one who is accused of murder or any type of manslaughter should be without competent and committed legal representation. Your freedom, future, and very life are at stake. If you've been accused of homicide in or around Marietta, you can rely on my22 years of criminal defense experience along with my familiarity with the local court systems, local prosecutors, judges, and other criminal justice personnel. I have defended countless individuals against all types of misdemeanors and felonies in northwestern Georgia and will give you my utmost commitment in helping to obtain the possible case result.

Homicide Charges in Georgia

Homicide refers to the taking of another's life when it is not legally justified. Murder is the most serious type of homicide as it involves the intent to do so, acting with malice aforethought. Murder can also be committed when the accused was involved in the commission of another crime, such as during a robbery, kidnapping, or other offense. The penalties for murder include life in prison, life in prison without the possibility of parole, or the death penalty.

Manslaughter is another serious crime in Georgia which may be either voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter is committed when the person acts on a sudden, violent passion due to provocation which ends up in the death of the victim. A conviction of this crime is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Involuntary manslaughter is described as killing another unintentionally while committing another unlawful act, as in a drunk driving fatality. This crime is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Because of the extremely grave nature of these crimes, it is essential that your case is managed by a Marietta criminal defense attorney with strong experience and capability. 

Contact me at Stahlman Law PC immediately if you believe you are suspected of any type of homicide so that I can begin a thorough investigation of your case. Your initial consultation is free.

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