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Serious Traffic Offenses

Marietta Traffic Ticket Attorney

Hire a Marietta Defense Lawyer for Your Traffic Offense

There are many different laws and ordinances in place that govern speed limits and the flow of traffic throughout the state of Georgia. A violation of these laws can result in minor traffic tickets, or they could result in serious traffic offense charges. If you have been arrested and charged with a serious traffic offense, then you need skilled representation on your side that can help you effectively pursue your rights, your goals and your desires regarding your future.

Contact Stahlman Law for help after you have received a citation for a serious traffic offense in Cobb County. I represent clients against charges including:

  • §40-6-390 Reckless driving
  • §40-6-397 Aggressive driving
  • §40-6-270 Hit and run – failure to stop and render aid
  • §40-6-391 Drunk driving (DUI) and drugged driving (DUI drugs)
  • §40-6-391L Child endangerment (DUI with minor in the vehicle)
  • §40-6-393 Homicide by vehicle (also referred to as vehicular homicide)

Felony Traffic Crimes in Cobb County

Reckless driving, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and repeat drunk driving offenses are all very serious charges for which you will need a strong defense if you are to avoid a conviction or have penalties minimized. Vehicular manslaughter and vehicular homicide are even more serious, for which you could wind up in prison for many years. If you are facing criminal charges of these kinds, you can get experienced legal representation from my firm; I will investigate all of the factors and evidence involved in your arrest and I will pursue all legal avenues in your defense. 

Contact my office today to discuss your charges with a Marietta criminal defense attorney, and to begin pursuing the results that you need in your situation.

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