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Distribution of Controlled Substances in Georgia

Marietta Criminal Defense Attorney Challenges Evidence of Intent to Distribute

The state of Georgia prosecutes drug crimes very seriously; if you are arrested and charged with a drug crime in this state, then you could face extremely harsh penalties for conviction. Possessing controlled and illegal substances is a serious crime, and you could face aggressive prosecution; however, there are various elements that could increase the charges and the penalties that you face. The items that police officers will look for in a distribution case may include the following:

  • Plastic bags to divide up the drugs
  • A client list
  • A significant amount of cash (from previous sales)
  • Measuring scales

If you are convicted of the crime of possession with intent to distribute, then you will face felony penalties of years in prison, hefty fines, probation, and many other penalties. It is vital to your future that you have skilled representation on your side, and that you are able to aggressively fight the charges against you. I am Attorney Jill Stahlman from Stahlman Law, and I can provide you with the aggressive legal assistance that you need in your case. I have been practicing criminal defense law for more than 20 years, and I understand the severity of the situation that you face.

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