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Frequently Asked Questions

Jill Stahlman Answers Common Questions

If you have been charged with a crime or if a loved one has been arrested, you probably have many questions about the situation. Read below to find my answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about criminal defense cases in Marietta and Cobb County. If you have further questions, you can submit them to my Ask an Attorney page or contact my office for a free consultation.

Where is the Cobb County Jail?
The jail in Cobb County is located at 1825 County Services Parkway between Marietta and Smyrna. If you are looking for a friend or family member and believe that he or she may be in jail, you can use the Cobb County Sheriff's Office inmate locater tool.

Where is the Cobb County criminal court?
Criminal cases in Marietta are heard at the Cobb County Superior Court, which is located at 70 Haynes St. in downtown.

Do I really need a criminal defense lawyer?
The prosecutor who is handling the case against you has enormous resources at his or her disposal for investigating the case, gathering evidence and pursuing a conviction. You owe it to yourself to level the playing field and give yourself the best possible chance. Remember: The prosecutor is not on your side, and neither is the judge. The only person in the courtroom who will be trying to help you is the criminal defense attorney you hire.

Should I use the public defender or hire my own lawyer?
Public defenders are, by and large, highly capable attorneys, but there are certain downsides to using their services. First off, you might not qualify. Only those with limited financial means are allowed to take advantage of this service. Another problem is the fact that the public defender typically has a massive case load, meaning that he or she might not have enough time to properly prepare your case. Stahlman Law P.C. is a boutique law firm where you can receive personalized attention and have confidence that your case will receive the attention it deserves.

When should I hire a criminal defense lawyer?
As soon as possible! The state is already working to build its case against you, and you can't afford any delays. The sooner you hire your attorney, the better will be your chances of a successful outcome. In some cases, it is even possible for a defense attorney to have the investigation dropped or get the charges dismissed before the case even ends up in the courtroom.

Can I get a guaranteed result?
There is no way to guarantee a result, and in fact the state bar forbids any attorney in Georgia from promising any outcome in a case. Instead of looking for guarantees, choose an attorney with a proven track record of success, and one whom you feel you can trust to work for the best possible outcome for you.

Should I speak with police?
No. Any time you are contacted by a police officer or detective, you should politely decline to answer any questions beyond the required identification. Tell him or her that you choose to exercise your Fifth Amendment right. If the law enforcement officer insists on talking, tell him or her to contact Stahlman Law P.C. to speak with your criminal defense attorney. Remember that the police only want to talk to you in order to get evidence against you. Don't think that you can get out of this situation by "telling your side of the story."

Can the police search me without a warrant?
If you were arrested for possession of drugs or another crime after a police officer searched your vehicle, your home or your person, it might be possible to have the case thrown out by filing a motion to suppress the evidence. Unless the police officer had a warrant to search you, it is necessary to prove that there was probable cause to suspect that you had committed a crime. If the state cannot establish probable cause, a warrantless search is illegal and a violation of your rights.

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