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Interview with Jill Stahlman

Interview with Jill Stahlman

Marietta Criminal Defense Attorney

Jill Stahlman is a criminal defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record of success. She represents cases in Marietta and throughout Cobb County, and has a long list of satisfied clients. Read this interview to meet Jill and learn more about what motivates her in defending the rights of her clients:

Why did you choose criminal law?
I have always been compelled to pull for the underdog. During law school, I became interested in criminal law and procedure. I believe that our justice system, despite all its imperfections, is the best system in the world. I believe that everyone should be afforded due process and equal protection under the law.

Do people ever challenge you on your decision to represent the accused, some of whom may be guilty? How do you respond?
I ask them: "If you put yourself or your loved one in the place of someone wrongfully accused, wouldn't you want effective representation?"

Have you ever worked as a prosecutor, or have you always been a defense attorney?
I have been a defense attorney for 21 of the 22 years of my career. I spent one year prosecuting misdemeanors.

Tell us about a case that was a turning point in your career:
During my brief stint as a prosecutor, I realized that a police officer had testified falsely in a motion to suppress hearing. Rather than having the Judge rule against the defendant, I moved to dismiss the case in open court. The defense attorney would never have known that the police officer had lied. I realized from that day forward how much power lies in the hands of the State and how much potential there is for an abuse of power.

Tell us about a case that you are particularly proud of:
I had a client charged with felony murder, drug possession and armed robbery and aggravated assault. My client and his co-defendant had gone to the victim's house to sell the victim and his friend some drugs.

My client was unarmed and did not know that his co-defendant was armed. The co-defendant got into an altercation with the victim and ended up firing his gun and killing the victim. Both my client and his co-defendant fled the scene and were apprehended several days later.

Both my client and his co-defendant were charged with felony murder as a result of the shooting. After a week-long jury trial, my client was found not guilty of all counts, including murder. He was convicted of the drug charge.

In your opinion, is the criminal justice system fair to the defendant?
The justice system is definitely inequitable. Those who are unable to afford counsel are oftentimes forced to reply on public defenders who lack the time and the resources to effectively represent their clients.

Is there a particular type of case that you especially enjoy working on? Why?
I particularly enjoy working cases in which there has been an unlawful search or seizure. These cases present a unique challenge, as well as an opportunity to confront unjust police practices.

How do you see your role as a defense attorney in the criminal justice system?
My role as a defense attorney is an integral part of the criminal justice system. The justice system fails society if the accused is not zealously represented.

How do you see your role in the attorney-client relationship?
My role is to advocate for the best outcome for the client, whether it be a contested trial or a negotiated resolution. My role is to advise my client of all possible scenarios so that they can make their own informed decision.

What advice do you most often give to your clients?
I tell my clients that ultimately they decide the course they want to take in resolving their case. I tell them that they must consider all options and conduct a risk-benefit analysis when making a decision whether to fight the charges or to negotiate a compromise resolution with the State.

Need a criminal defense lawyer in Marietta?

As soon as possible after you have been arrested and charged with a crime, contact Stahlman Law P.C. for a free consultation. Jill and the team at the firm are ready to help, and they encourage you to call (888) 397-1860 or contact the firm online.

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